My A - Z baking challenge

A random idea has come into my head for baking something starting with each letter of the alphabet.  Why not eh!  So my aim is every couple of weeks to make my way through the alphabet & bake something beginning with that letter.  I'll post pictures and details of what I bake including the recipe for those of you who are keen to try it yourselves.  I would bake something every week - but that would mean my husband & I having to live up to the challenge of eating our way through what I bake in a week.  I know what you're thinking - there could be worse challenges.  True. 

I'm already thinking I'll have to be imaginative when it comes to baking something starting with 'x'...

Any suggestions along the way will be gratefully received!   

And so for this week (beginning tomorrow!) I shall bake Apple & Oatmeal Cookies from The Hummingbird Bakery, Cake Days cookbook...


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