Preloved furniture

A few months ago, my husband & I were browsing a very expensive, 'vintage looking but new' furniture store & we spied an old looking cabinet that had been painted a very cool greeny blue colour.  We gasped when we saw the price tag (which was in the thousands!) & it was then that we started thinking - we could do something like this ourselves for a FRACTION of the price!

So our project began - we decided to buy a cheap second hand china cabinet & 'do it up'.  We found a pine china cabinet (A.K.A buffet & hutch) for $160 on eBay.  It was very much loved in its previous life but the owners had decided it was time to update.

Choosing a colour wasn't hard - we decided to match it to my Fortnum & Mason china set so it came down to blue or green.  Having looked at a bunch of colour swatches from Bunnings we opted for blue & set about buying the brushes & equipment we needed.  Including paint, we spent around $90.

We painted two coats on the whole cabinet over the course of a couple of days & were stoked with the results.  We had lots of fun painting it & we're now thinking that one day we could perhaps sell restored furniture.  It really is amazing what a lick of paint can do...
MonDelish - our china cabinet


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