A baking tribute to my Mum & Nana

I think a love of baking must be in my blood.  My Nana & Mum are both wonderful home bakers & whenever I go home, there is always some fresh baking in the tins.  I have fond memories of baking with my Mum when I was young & then as I have grown older, of calling my Mum or Nana on the phone for advice!

I've been thinking a lot recently about how special it is to be able to share a common enjoyment of baking with my Mum & Nana.  When a pastime like baking runs in your family, one of the nicest things about it is being able to share tips & recipes with each other.  It's kind of like being a member of a baking club! I think the most special recipes are the ones that have been well tried & tested by someone in your family.  These recipes are often handwritten with very brief instructions & they'll sometimes have a person's name in brackets beside the title of the recipe so you know who it's come from! 

Anyway... all of this thinking has led me to find out out what some of my Mum & Nana's favourite recipes are so that I can make them myself & blog about them as a kind of baking tribute to them both. 

So watch this space over the next few weeks, as I embark on my baking tribute to my lovely Mum & Nana x 


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