The world needs more savoury cupcakes.

I've been wondering lately, are people getting a bit sick of cupcakes?  Recently I've noticed at our local food market that the cupcake stalls are always quiet & the chain cupcake shop/cafe down a massively busy main street lined with shops & restaurants always looks airily quiet as well.  Is it because we've been over exposed to cupcakes?  Is it because often the cupcakes on display have been left out for so long they are gathering dust? Or is it because cupcakes are sweet (sometimes sickly sweet!) & sometimes we just feel like a bit of savoury - or at least the choice between the two...

Hence my crusade to bring more savoury cupcakes into the world.

Let's first think about the humble muffin (A.K.A the 'elephant in the room' during a savoury cupcake discussion) because they are the larger 'cousin' of the cupcake & come in sweet and savoury versions.  When I've been out & about at the mall or at a cafe I've had some OK-ish tasting muffins (I will say at this point that the best tasting muffin is one you bake yourself!) but more often than not, they are dry, they lack flavour or they mysteriously don't taste a thing like what they are meant to taste like.  On more than one occasion I've been disappointed to bite into a chocolate muffin only to find that for some reason it tastes faintly of banana.  Why is this?! Could it be because most muffins that you buy when you're out originate from some sort of packet cake mix?  Who knows.  But one thing I can be sure of, the downside of a muffin is that there is just too much...well... muffin.  

Enter the savoury cupcake.  

There are endless possibilities of flavour combinations for a savoury cupcake & unlike a muffin, imagine a tasty little savoury cake which is complimented by just the right amount of perhaps a cream cheese based 'savoury icing' on the top.  Just enough 'icing' to ensure that when you bite into the cupcake, it's never dry.  Just enough 'icing' to ensure that when you cut that cupcake in half, you can spread a nice little amount of cream cheesy goodness onto the halved cupcake... tasty indeed.  The amount of 'icing' for a savoury cupcake is key though... because I hate to admit that while sweet cupcakes can look oh so pretty, they often require quite a heavy dose of icing which more often than not, people scrape at least half off before they tuck in.

So I introduce to you a new topic to my blog, "The World needs more Savoury Cupcakes".  I will be making savoury (& might I add vegetarian because I am one!) cupcakes & sharing the recipes with you so that together, we can start to fill the world with more savoury cupcakes.  Lets balance out the sweet with savoury.  Lets cater for those people who don't have a sweet tooth & lets at least give people the choice between sweet & savoury & in doing so breathe new life into the cupcake.  

Lets start a savoury cupcake revolution...   


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